'It was a great event, a lovely evening and everything was wonderfully prepared and the atmosphere there really comfortable! Now I have to exercise... Thank you dear Katie. I hope, I meet you soon again 🤗'


Wilton's Music Hall, August, 2019

'Fantastic class. Katie is so patient, and a very good teacher. The two hours will fly by!'

Saffy Altmeyer-Ennis

Wilton's Music Hall, August, 2019

'Really excellent.  In just two hours I learned so much about calligraphy and as a side effect, Katie's fabulous workshop even helped me improve my handwriting!.'

Paul Craddock

Burgh House, July, 2019

'Katie's Beginners Workshop was brilliant. It is perfect for anybody who wants to learn from scratch how to write beautiful Calligraphy. The classes are small, friendly and relaxed, with lots of one-to-one tuition from Katie. A really well put together, instructive and fun class.'

Emily Newey

Wilton's Music Hall, June, 2019

'Wish I could rate this more than 5 stars! Improvers workshop with Katie was the most pleasant and amazing experience I ever had. Absolutely loved her way of teaching and the passion she put into her job. I would highly recommend her workshops if you are ever interested to learn calligraphy!'

Younghee Kim

Wilton's Music Hall, June, 2019

'I thoroughly enjoyed the class!! I have done a lot of different classes over the years and this was my absolute hands down favourite. It has given me a hobby that I can practice & I shall really enjoy.'


Soper & Co., April, 2018

'Everything about this workshop has a professional touch. From the beautiful venue Wilton Music Hall to the exceptional quality of the workshop. Katie is a brilliant calligrapher and tutor.'

Deborah Millington

Wilton's Music Hall, March, 2018

'A well organised and beautifully presented class! Katie thought of every detail down from the venue to host it in, the refreshments and even the small personalised details. I was a complete beginner but the tutorial was easy to get through, great guides to work with and Katie was on hand to assist as needed. At the end she also kindly took requests to write out any particular words we wanted to practice. Highly recommend, for the price i was pleasantly surprised by the amount we got out of it!'

Tarana Rahman

Wilton's Music Hall, February, 2018

'It was a lovely relaxed setting for a class and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. All the handouts are very helpful and useful for practice.  I loved Katie's attention to detail, and the fresh rose is a very personal touch, I enjoyed it in a single stem vase for many days after the course.

I need to practice my hand now, and when I feel I have improved I will definitely book another session.'

Audrey Kato

Burgh House, February, 2018

'I attended a Christmas Modern Calligraphy evening with Katie and came away learning some new skills and tips. She is a wonderful instructor - so skilled in her craft and such an engaging instructor.  Thank you, Katie!'

Lisa Chow

Saucer & Spritz, December, 2017

'Thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Katie and the other budding calligraphers.  Katie is an excellent teacher offering lots of 1-2-1 help and advice - i can't wait to get practising. Lots of lovely refreshments & cake to keep you going during the session. Highly recommend!'

Natalie Taylor

Saucer & Sprtiz, November, 2017

'This is a great choice for anyone wanting to pick up a pen and nib to create writing they never thought they were capable of ! Katie is lovely person with a gentle, calm manner full of compliments and support. She's a professional who likes to share her talent. I felt such a great sense of achievement when we all reluctantly ended our class. Came away with a nice little kit to practice and some new friends!'

Louise Langdon

Wilton's Music Hall, September, 2017

'Absolutely loved this class!

Katie gave clear instructions and simple worksheets to help build us up to writing words.  The class size meant she was also able to give individual attention and she was also a super nice person!  I left feeling confident and really excited to go home and keep practicing :)'

Milly Chanan

The Create Place, August, 2017

'I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday's class - an absolutely lovely setting, super relaxed, and personally it was so nice to be doing something I've been thinking about starting for ages. Couldn't have had a better introduction.' Leah Vaughan

Wilton's Music Hall, July, 2017

'I keep coming back to how much value for money the class was. From the materials, to the instruction, the one-on-one time, the venue, the atmosphere, and the treats - it was just outstanding.'

Rose Maddox

Wilton's Music Hall, July, 2017

'A fantastic class that I couldn't recommend more! Katie is a wonderful teacher and the setting (from location to class size) was perfect. We learned the basics of modern calligraphy and had enough time to practise everything, so you can easily take your calligraphy skills to the next level at home. I loved every bit of this class and really appreciate not only Katie's teaching style, but also the attention to detail that she put into the class and the preparation (a calligraphy pen and ink for every student, a handwritten card with our names on it, a rose on each desk, etc.). I highly recommend this class to everyone who wants to learn calligraphy.'

Felizitas Oppel

Wilton's Music Hall, August, 2019

'Loved this workshop, so beautifully done and an great teacher.'

Sonia Iacurci

Burgh House, July, 2019

'This was an amazing class with an amazing teacher! Katie was so lovely and had a hands on approach. The set up and building was absolutely stunning. I enjoyed this class so much I’ve already booked myself in for the improvers class!'

Jubeda Khanom

Wilton's Music Hall, June, 2019

'I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon! Katie is an excellent teacher, and made sure that we all had some one to one time with her throughout the class to go over anything we were struggling with.  Not only was the class brilliant, but a personalised calligraphy set with pen, nib, ink, and worksheets is included in the price of the ticket (as is tea and cake!).  It was lovely to learn something new, especially at such a beautiful venue.  I’m going to enjoy practicing what we learned at home, and will definitely be back to another class!'

Eleanor Spanton

Wilton's Music Hall, January, 2018

'I attended one of Katie's calligraphy workshops and can honestly say it was the best calligraphy workshop I have done. Katie is so friendly, helpful and very down to earth. The workshop was really informative and you get loads of work sheets to help you understand the letter forms and techniques of calligraphy.'

Laura Jayne Ayres

Saucer & Spritz, December, 2017

'A super course, short and intimate so you learn and experiment straight away.  Katie is a great calligraphy teacher and you also get all the materials to take home so you can start practicing straight away. The course was at the beautiful Wilton's Music Hall so it was a lovely environment to learn a new skill in.'

Sairey Stemp

Wilton's Music Hall, November, 2017

'As a beginner at calligraphy, I couldn't wish for a better workshop! Katie is lovely and great at explaining and making sure to give feedback to each student. During the workshop, we learnt the basics of calligraphy in a relaxed environment. Katie provided everything for us, from calligraphy kit to coffee and cake! The choice of the place was great too; many colours to lift up the spirit. I would recommend Katie to anyone interested in trying calligraphy. It is worth every penny.'

Konstantina Palla

Saucer & Spritz, October, 2017

'This is my first time taking a calligraphy course, it's something I have always wanted to do and I have to say this class was amazing. The setting of the course was beautiful, Katie had a small group which meant we had one to one experience with her throughout the class.  The materials were provided and we also could keep so we could practice.  We had practice sheets for strokes, letters and then to words. It was a very relaxed setting and Katie throughout the class gave us tips and support to see how we were progressing. We had refreshments available throughout the duration of the course.  We were given a beautiful pack to take away which included, ink, pen holder, nib and practise sheets as well as a list of stockists and templates to practice.   I would highly recommend this course. It's great to pick up a new skill and it's been a pleasure to practice at home and give everyone handmade notes!'

Gurpreet Tang

Wilton's Music Hall, September, 2017

'The class setup was beautiful, with the rose, the background music and personal lettered kit. The venue had the right atmosphere to do this relaxing workshop. I loved it.'

Diana Schreur

Wilton's Music Hall, July, 2017

'I came away completely relaxed and really inspired to go home and keep practicing! I wanted to stay all day! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Katie's London Calligraphy classes to anyone wanting the best tuition in a beautiful atmosphere.'

Jane Simpson

The Create Place, June, 2017